Pravish Rajnam Center For Management Education (PRCME)

Pravish Rajnam Centre for Management Education - PRCME (an educational and research initiative under aegis of Dr. Rajesh Arora.) Registration No. 2015062974, believe in providing good quality affordable education for everyone on 'no profit no loss basis'.

PRCME believes in providing good quality education for everyone at reasonable costs.The mission cause of their working had been simply 'Where endeavor is success'.

PRCME specialize in providing training for educational courses like B.Com., M.Com., BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, B.Tech., Post Graduate Diplomas, etc.

Subject's domains where we have been rendering our services are Accounting, Finance, Operation Research, Economics, Operation Management, Indian and International Financial systems, Business Laws, Supply Chain Management, Data Analysis, Risk Management, Financial Management, Corporate Laws, Quantitative Techniques, Taxation, Financial Institutions, etc.

PRCME also conducts various knowledge enrichment courses related to management subjects; Industrial training to provide practical approach to students, promoting academic research to enrich caliber of faculties and students;organizing academic based research conferences (National and international); academic workshopsand organizing the 'train the trainer' programs for improving quality deliverance; MDP's; FDP's; etc.

PRCME also goes for social initiatives were we render educational services to those who cannot afford the cost of education but are very bright students who on being provided education can do wonders and have promising future.

PRCME also publishes its peer reviewed journal named as 'PravishRajnam - Journal of Studies' - PRJS - (ISSN 2348 -3652) which is a humble effort to come out with an affordable option of a low cost publication journal, at no profit no loss basis, with the objective of helping young and seasoned academicians to show their research and other works to the world at large and also to fulfill their academic aspirations. The aim of the 'PravishRajnam - Journal of Studies' - PRJS - is to cover all areas where ever applications of human ingenuity with reference to decision making ability / managerial skills and knowledge are applied to obtain results in order to achieve success. The journal being bi-annual is published twice every year (i.e. in months of January and July every year).